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实用的选修课 The Practical Optional Class

In college, every student needs to take optional classes to get enough credits. Compared to the major, optional class is much more funny and close to the life. Such as how to keep healthy and business manners. More and more students tend to choose the class that is practical.


Recently, it has been reported that the optional class about sex education was finished being chosen by students in five seconds. Another class about how to lose weight also very popular. The optional class is not for getting credits for students, but they want to learn something useful, which will be a great help in solving problems.


In America, the students need to take the optional class before they go to college. The class is very practical, which can teach them all kinds of skills, such as swimming. The optional class that is opened to students should be more interesting and can pass them the ability to settle life issues. The need of students is the standard for the class. The purpose of education is to cultivate students to be independent and the ability to solve problem.


手机与课堂 Cellphone and Class

When cellphone became popular among students many years ago, many teachers were so worried about students’ attention in the class would be distracted, so they forbid students to bring cellphone in the classroom. As the time went by, though it has been admitted to use cellphone in the classroom, the schools still try to find a way to limit it.


Cellphone seems to be the teachers’ enemy in the classroom. When they are teaching knowledge, they find most students are lowering down their heads to play cellphone. It must frustrate teachers so much. In order to focus students’ attention, they figure out all the ways. Recently, it has been reported that the students’ cellphones were handed in and then destroyed in a college. Surely, the public condemned the school’s extreme regulation, which is not a wise choice to do it.


Cellphone has been part of our life. Even the teachers can’t live without cellphone, let alone to grab it from students. The way to catch students’ attention is to make their lessons vivid and interesting. At the same time, it is important to let student realize what they will miss if they can’t focus attention.


在出国留学前 Before Study Abroad

Nowadays, studying abroad is very popular for Chinese students. With the development of economy, many families have the money to provide better education to their kids and they choose to send their children to receive foreign education. This is the trend and students must notice some problems to better adjust to the new environment.


First, mastering the basic English is very necessary. A lot of students give up learning English and only treat it as the subject that is forced to learn. As the common language is English while studying abroad, the foreign universities have the language level test. So learning English well is the necessary way to receive foreign education.


Second, it is of great importance to study something about the culture shock. When a student goes abroad, he will meet different culture. If he has prepared for this, he can solve the problems and better communicate with the local people. What’s more, he can also get used to the strange environment.


It is better to make full preparation before students study abroad. If they are good at English and have some knowledge about the local culture, they will be strong to deal with problems.







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